Pasco County Sheriff forces returning vet to let squatting gangbangers remain in his home

Man returns from Afghanistan to find hardcore ex-cons squatting in his house. Told to let them stay.

Evidence of massive black voter fraud uncovered in Alabama

AL election data suggests that voter fraud is disproportionately committed by black people.

Pro-government “progressive activist” vows to hold public party next to Bundy Ranch

Supporters of big government vow to hold wild party next to Bundy Ranch

Black female debate team named national champions to make up for white privilege

CEDA National debate championship is an affirmative action cartoon

BLM confesses to killing six cows, most likely planned to kill them all

BLM confesses to killing six cows after being caught red handed

Teens bash elderly Dayton woman with a brick in near fatal racial hate crime

Black teenagers charged with bashing elderly white woman in the head with a brick

Video of a racially motivated attack inside a Wendys

Thugs attacks female Wendy’s clerk, then sticks around to yell racial slurs


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