17 year old kidnap victim Katelyn Beard found dead

Suspect leads police to the body of Katelyn Beard

Celebrity defends sex with drugged victim. Says it is not rape if they do not remember it

Cee-Lo says it does not count as rape if they are drugged and can not remember what happened

Virginia man hospitalized in “knockout game.” Media censors race.

51 year old bicyclist attacked by carload of “boys.”

Giant SECEDE billboard near Macon, GA

Another SECEDE billboard in the south.

Full Tinley Park Marxist Terrorist attack FOIA 100 minutes of material

Meet the terrorist gang network that is romanticized by the left-wing.

Shock BBC call in poll results: 95% say multiculturalism does not work

Could this be Britain’s turning point?

Imagine walking down the street and seeing black men yelling Death to Crackers and Gooks

Group of black males yells death threats at white people on a busy road in San Francisco


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