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New rule for posting comments on this site.

Obama regime paying $7k+ a month to foster an illegal alien

Left-wing “charities” cash in. Get huge amounts of money to care for illegal aliens aged 15-22.

AP Poll: Majority of Americans want illegal aliens deported

68% of all Americans disapprove of how Obama is handling the border

Teenage girl brutally attacked in NYC hotel in racial hate crime

Two black males caught on camera laughing as they attack 18 year old girl in latest NYC racial hat ecrime

VICE Magazine calls NYC Orthodox Jewish community a child rape assembly line

Rabbi is attacked with bleach and banished from synagogues after blowing the whistle on sexual abuse of minors by clergy

Georgia woman shows how to stop a burglar

Burglar comes back for the second day in a row.

Volunteer militia on the US border

Masked men defy government and police border on their own.


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