Black Muslim charged with killing four people to wage Jihad

Media hiding serial killer Jihadist because he is black

Little Rock Central High School 57 years later

Was the integration of Little Rock Central High a success or a failure.?

Poll: Should Scotland secede from the United Kingdom

Should the United Kingdom break up?

John McCain still calling for more US support for Jihadist terrorists

McCain armed ISIS fighters, but still wants more US supports for Jihadists

Level of racial violence too big for Milwaukee media to hide

Tosa Fest ends in black racial violence for the second year in a row

Charleston, SC man killed execution style in racial hate crime

Charleston, WV man killed execution style in public park.

LAPD racism claim was a hoax, Django Unchained actress was alledgedly having sex in her car

Django Unchained was detained for having sex in public, not because she is black


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