One victim gave Rotherham police 250 names of Muslim child rapists, they did nothing

Rotherham police absolutely refused to arrest known child rapists.

Multiculturalism fails in Guatemalan village

Why wasn’t diversity a strength for Guatemalan village?

Mother of perp in racial hate crime murder of NC teacher charged with attacking reporter

Mother of suspect in killing of NC teacher is arrested for attacking a reporter

Muslim Pakistani community willingly harbored thousands of pedophile rapists in Rotherham

Muslim community did nothing to curtail child rape in Rotherham

Lawsuit alleges Mike Brown was suspected of murder

Was “real killa killa” Mike Brown suspected of murder?

The 2012 racially motivated bloodbath that the media hid from us

In 2012, a giant mob of young blacks attacked four whites near Texas A&M solely because of the color of their skin. Two died.

Media has been lying about condition of West Point victim. He may be brain dead

Media has been intentionally downplaying West Point hate crime


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